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After-School Programs

Academic Intervention/Tutoring


Sky High Dance meets after school every week in the auditorium. Each session is 6-8 weeks.

Chess Club

Chess Club.jpg


Drum Class meets after school one day per week.  Each session is 6 weeks. Class size is small for individual attention!

Woodcraft Rangers



  • This program provides a structured after school program for students in grades 1-5. 
  • It is an enrichment program, not child care.  
  • Counselors supervise homework and organized sports and enrichment activities daily Monday-Friday from 2:33 – 6:00 p.m. 
  • For more information, please contact the main office for enrollment information.
  • The cost for this program is free. Space is limited.

Director: Alex Hernandez


Kindergarten- 5th grade

On Site Before and After School Care

Director: Jasmin Ruelas 

Call: 818 363-8586 or the North Valley YMCA for more information

Youth Services

Our school Y.S. playground will be open Monday through Friday  for students in grades 2-5    NO Kindergarten or first grade students are allowed on the after school playground.    Beyond the Bell no longer allows first graders to participate in their YS program.    All students must now have a signed permission slip on file to stay on the after school playground.    The playground is open from 2:33 P.M. to 6:00 P.M


Our playground director plans an excellent supervised program of play and special activities for our youngsters.


  • The after school playground is not a child care facility.
  • Children using the playground come and go as they please as the gates are open. Students must be responsible enough not to wander out the gates!    
  • Students who are disruptive may have their 3 after school playground privileges revoked. 
  •  Middle and Senior High school-age students are not permitted to use our after school playground. For the safety of our students, only the main gate and parking lot gate are open after 2:50 p.m

Director: Coach Rene