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Nutrition Network

Welcome! Join the Network for a Healthy California—LAUSD in our mission to increase healthy eating and physical activity among pre-K through 12th grade students throughout the Los Angeles Unified School District. Our goal is to motivate children to eat more fruits and vegetables and enjoy 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Formed in 2001, the Network for a Healthy California—LAUSD (Network) is a collaborative effort involving students, teachers, school nurses, administrators, food service professionals, parents, corporate partners and community members. The Network has been able to provide effective learning experiences for thousands of LAUSD students through creativity, planning and solid educational practices.

The Network is changing the way students think about food and exercise. We know from experience that children actually get excited about their health when they are challenged to explore their taste buds, minds and bodies. In the classroom, the planning, preparation and enjoyment of food is easily turned into an educational experience that can be woven into many curricular areas – even math and history!

These nutrition lessons leave the students hungry to learn more, and the next natural step is to explore how the body uses the energy derived from food. Exercise is easily encouraged when it is fun and makes sense.

More than 250 schools participate in the Network, integrating nutrition and physical activity into the classroom curriculum.