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GATE Programs


Granada's Gifted/Talented Program creates learning opportunities which allow students to flourish in stimulating academic and social environments. In designing challenging educational opportunities, we strive to provide a robust and differentiated curriculum that respects the range of abilities and learning styles of our GATE students, where each and every student is supported academically and socio-emotionally through depth, complexity, and acceleration.


The philosophy of Gifted/Talented Programs is integrally connected to the District mission statement. The District's instructional programs for gifted and talented students are based on the principles that all students are to receive an education appropriate to their individual capabilities, interests, and needs, and that students have learning opportunities that help develop their abilities to the highest level. Because gifted and talented students generally demonstrate high performance or capacity for high performance beyond age/grade expectations, they are atypical learners who require specialized learning experiences beyond the regular curriculum.

Los Angeles Unified Gifted and Talented Programs