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School Safety




The gates in front of the school and on Los Alimos St. open at 7:45 A.M.    There should not be children on campus OR in front of the school before that time as there is NO provision for student supervision BEFORE 7:45 A.M.    Since the safety of students is of the utmost concern to all of us:

•    Discuss the safest route from home to school, placing special attention on the use of crosswalks and traffic lights to cross the street.

•    Discuss to whom your children should and should not talk. Stress NEVER to talk to strangers!

•    Discuss not taking short-cuts and the advantages of walking to school with a friend or group.

•    Students may not play ball or other games on the front lawn before the gates open in the morning. Balls and children sometimes end up in the street!

•    Kindergarten and pre-school parents, only, must stay with their child until the teacher arrives.

1After school, the gates open at 2:25 and close at 2:50.    The only gates open after 2:50 each day are the front gate and for YMCA pick-up – the parking lot gate. THE GATE LOCATED ON LOS ALIMOS NEAR THE PRE-K ROOMS IS FOR BUS DROP OFF AND PICK UP OF OUR SPECIAL EDUCATION STUDENTS ONLY!    Please do not enter or exit from this gate.



 Some of the most hazardous safety problems occur at drop off and dismissal time. These include double parking, children crossing in the middle of the street to or from parents who are on the opposite side of the street, walking through the parking lot, and drivers running the stop signs on Amestoy Street.    Also, please do not park in front of any of our neighbor’s driveways- not even for “just a minute.”    Our neighbors must be able to enter or exit their own driveways at all times! Please read the parking signs carefully to avoid a parking ticket! WARNING: Granada Elementary will continue to work with LAPD again this school year to address many of these on-going problems.




An Emergency Information Sheet with current telephone numbers to call if a child becomes ill or is hurt must be kept in the office for every child.    Please complete this important card by printing information clearly.    (Families of new students have completed this form at enrollment.)    In case of an emergency or illness, we can only release your child to the people you include on this emergency card.    The information you give us will enable us to locate you quickly, so please keep your child’s emergency card updated.    Let us know immediately of an address or telephone number change by calling the main office at 818 363-3188. Please includemorethanoneemergencynumberotherthanyourown! Listingthreedifferent people, all with the same phone number, will not help us reach you if no one answers at that one number!