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SCHOOL MEALS AS A CONDITION OF THE FEDERAL MEAL PROGRAM, PARENTS AND SIBLINGS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE CAFETERIA AREA WHILE CHILDREN ARE EATING AND UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES CAN FOOD BE TAKEN OUT OF GRANADA ELEMENTARY.    If you feel your child needs help during meal service, please seat your child on the outside tables---parents may stand on the asphalt behind children to assist as needed; however, we find even our youngest children are capable of eating unassisted.

Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC) provides breakfast at no charge to students in class, after the first bell or on their way to class.

Breakfast will be served daily in class from 8:10 to 8:25 A.M. for all students. It is very important that these hours be adhered to so students have enough time to finish their meals and be prepared to start instruction on time. Students arriving after 8:25 will not be served breakfast. Please ensure that your children arrive on time to school at 8:10 A.M. if they intend to eat breakfast.


Children may bring lunch from home, or buy a lunch from school. IN ACCORDANCE WITH DISTRICT POLICY, meals from home may not include glass or soda cans.  Our cafeteria system is computerized.    This is a tremendous help and saves a great deal of time.    We urge you to fill out a meal application form and/or pre-pay for lunches as it reduces the necessity of students carrying money every day and the line moves faster.


Our school district provides free/reduced breakfast and lunch to those families who qualify. Please fill out and return a meal application form as soon as possible. As a Title I school, we receive additional instructional money for every student qualifying for free or reduced lunch! The more students who qualify, the more money our school receives for books and supplies!


The cost for lunch:    Full price: $1.50    Reduced: $0.40    Milk: $0.50 Juice: $0.50

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